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With it being over 6 months since my last blog post, I figured I’d stick another post in. This time I’m looking for your opinion on whether I should stick with my current setup (below) or integrate it with Microsoft Intune to my other devices.

My Current Setup (Got a problem with Dell? Well it’s never failed for me!)

Desktop: Dell Dimension 9200 Tower w/19″ Widescreen (Windows 7 Ultimate)
Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1545 w/15.6″ Widescreen (Windows 7 Ultimate)
Phone: Google Nexus One (Froyo AKA Anroid2.2)

I’ll start with my Dekstop: I bought it in June 2007 as I needed a “super-fast” computer for working with .NET and the Silverlight Framework in my new job – as it happens I decided to focus my ‘career’ down the PHP route, so I’ve never really utilsed the power. Naturally though, this meant that it was always meant to be a Windows-based PC, and it came with Vista (which I have since upgraded to Windows 7). I’ve played with Ubuntu before, and I like it – but I have too many applications that I cannot get to work correctly within it (Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash etc). So, I’m using Windows 7 – and it’s great (no, seriously, it is!)

It’s pretty much the same story with my laptop.

Roll forward to April 2009, and I bought my shiny Apple iPhone 3G – I gave my iPod Nano away, and loaded all my music onto the phone. The iPhone was Awesome, but that didn’t stop me buying a Google Nexus One (January 2010). Why? Because I love Google! After using both, I can definately say that the Android device offers much more than the iPhone 3G, and that I know I made the right decision.

I now use Dropbox to syncronise my Desktop with my Laptop, and also have the Dropbox App on my phone. So everything is perfect, it’s all good – but I want something new and shiny to play with, like an iPhone 4, and an MacBook Pro…

Can someone convince me that I’m being stupid, or persuade me enough to go out and buy one…?!

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2 thoughts on “Apple or Android / Apple or Microsoft

  1. Carl Tawn

    I’d avoid Dell laptops. My Inspiron 9300 was ace, but the screen died so I replaced it with a Studio 17…what a mistake. It’s really plasticy and you’re tied to Windows 7 (yuk!) cos they won’t supply drivers for XP.

    Macs are pretty, but unless you’re a graphic designer/video editor then it’s purely a lump of status symbol.

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