Installing ZooKeeper for PHP on CentOS 6.3

This post is very short, simply as a reference to anyone out there that would like to install ZooKeeper on CentOS 6.3, and connect via the PHP Bindings.

To download ZooKeeper, you can visit Globocom’s GitHub page for updated versions. Below are the versions I used at the time of writing.

Install ZooKeeper:

curl -O
rpm -ivh zookeeper*
service zookeeper restart

ZooKeeper is now up and running, but you need to install some more stuff before you can connect to it!

curl -O
rpm -ivh libzookeeper*
curl -O
rpm -ivh libzookeeper-devel*

Install php-zookeeper from Andrei Zmievski:

git clone
pear build
make install

add to your php.ini, or create zookeeper.ini and place it in your php.d folder!

Hope that helps someone!


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