8 Simple Reasons You Should Signup to Twitter

This is Step 2 of the “How to get your site into Google” post

The other day I was using Twitter and caught a glimpse that Katie Price & Peter Andre had split up. I Googled for it and couldn’t find any news about it. What was splashed on newspapers the next day? Their divorce.

Twitter BEAT Google. Now that’s serious because many folk use Google is their primary source of finding information and suddenly you have this website [twitter] with instant news!

If that doesn’t convince you, let me list some reasons why you should sign up:

1. You want to keep “connected” with like-minded individuals. Twitter is great for this.
2. It quick – to post an update it takes less than 30 seconds. A few updates a day with latest news and you’re sorted.
3. It’s easy. Really, it is.
4. It’s viral. Do it right and your news can be splashed around the net in a matter of hours, if not minutes.
5. It integrates with everyday tools like WordPress. You can even post from messenger & your mobile.
6. It’s live. The information on here is real-time news.
7. Social – it’s the easiest way to tell folks about your latest blog post and get those important comments.
8. And… well: it’s free; in this current climate you should grab everything that’s free!

Take all the points above, and you have a serious tool: its the mobile web; in real-time.

Sign Up Now!
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