My First Blog Post

date: 12/May/2009

Hi There,

Well it’s all very exciting writing my “first blog post”, but the truth is I don’t even have a blog yet. I’m typing this in my favourite text editor, EditPlus!

I’m still in the process of creating my new internet profile so you will have to bear with me if you wouldn’t mind. Where am I so far?

  • Gmail: bobbyjason85 [at]
  • Twitter: @bobbyjason (
  • Website:
  • Squidoo:
  • LinkedIn:
  • TwiveAway: Joined
  • Twhirl: Joined
  • Joined
  • twitpic: Joined


What you can gather from the above is that my name is, Bobby Jason. Depending when you view this post, you will see that right now I have zero social activity; no friends, no followers, or to put it bluntly, diddly-squat. That’s not to say I’m a lonely fellow; but it does put me in a good spot to explain myself.


Well, after a number of years ‘playing’ on the Internet; I’ve found myself in the luxurious position of being able generate a decent sum of money from it! I started a long time ago; and its taken me a long time to realise my full potential. However, it’s finally dawned on me that after 14 years of using the Internet to “take take take” that I should finally start to repay the Internet for the fantastic life and opportunities it has given me.

Fact is I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and I want to show other folks how to do a lot the stuff I do; as well as share the mass of knowledge that I have accumulated. I don’t have bloaty head disease but I have learnt a lot of stuff, okay?!

  • A little bit about me (mini-profile):
  • I made my first website in Summer 1995. I was 9.
  • I never owned a power-ranger.
  • My first ‘job’ was as a Go-Karting track Marshall.
  • My first ‘real job’ was as as Software Developer.
  • I code in PHP
  • I code in .NET (VB & C#)
  • I use MySQL for PHP web apps.
  • I use MSSQL for .NET apps.
  • I use EditPlus to write XHTML / CSS
  • I have a dedicated server which I use to sell hosting packages
  • I know a lot about “SEO”.
  • I like (and use) Google. Checkout. Base. AdWords. Analytics. Apps. Mail. etc.
  • I own over 50 domain names
  • I create graphics using Adobe CS4 Suite.
  • I’m not a [anything] fanb0i. I like Macs, PCs, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates.
  • I think MLM is awful, CPA is a godsend.
  • I earn more online than I ever imagined.
  • By day I am an E-Marketing Specialist for Fortune 500 company
  • By night I am an Internet Marketing Whizoo.
  • I love Formula 1. I love Go-Karting. I like Football. I like Music. I hate salad.

Oh, and I also intend to prove to you that SEO is not as complex as some folks make it out to be. It’s really, really quite simple! (see last section of post for stats)

I don’t claim to be an expert in everything above; but then again – if I were an expert in all the above I’d be swimming of the shores of Hawaii by now. That said, I havn’t mentioned them for a laugh. I really do know a lot about the above.


Re-iterating my statement above, I think it’s time to start repaying the Internet for everything I’ve taken from it; at least that way others can benefit the same way that I did. I’d like say I’m going to “plant 5 trees for every 1 tree that I knock down”, but 14 years of “knocking down trees” is a hell of a lot of plant-potting! Time will tell.


From the luxurious confinement of my living room, in not-so-sunny South Yorkshire. I may tweet from my iPhone but I’m trying to limit myself to a few hours per week on this project.


Right now!

Sorry for the five “W”s I’d done the first three so had to do the other two!

Right, I intended to give you some stats on current web-rankings, current twitter followers etc, current keyword results – but what’s the point? All my figures are zero!

Anyway – I’m off to bed; its 01:43 on Tuesday 12th May.

Night folks.
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