Far too quiet, far too busy; Gadgets anyone?!

Sorry for the lack of updates; I’ve been busy recently. Last Monday I took up boxing at my local gym; followed by a football match which was very tiring on Tuesday! Along came Wednesday and I was happy to have the break, but it was short lived as I then went boxing on Thursday, too. Friday follows Thursday, and we all know it was a glorious bank holiday weekend; so yes I’ve been rather quiet.

I FINALLY found a few hours to get some more time in to show you again how quick it is to set up a new domain & shop. @15:17 BST I registered the domain name: The Gadget Directory. This is now a finely tuned wordpress blog, loaded with over 2,400 affiliate products. I shall be posting new gadgets on there every now and again so that you can get a feel for what products are available.

It just goes to show that if you have just 2 hours spare, you can get another site up and running with the potential to pull in a large audience. I don’t expect to see a great deal of traffic immediately but I shall for sure keep you updated. If you want to follow my alter-ego “Gadget Man” on twitter, then feel free.

As always if you want any tips on getting started in the affiliate marketing world, just give me a shout! Easiest way is to follow me on twitter and mention me @bobbyjason and you shall soon get a reply!

Night time folks, see ya!

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