Jenson Button To Set New Record?!

6 out of 7 wins for Button; 4 in a row.

He’s won 85% of the Grand Prix so far this season.

With 10 remaining races remaining. If he manages around the same percentage; he will win another 8 grand prix.

This would give him the most wins in a season (14, over MS’s 13 wins in 2004). It would also give him the highest percentage of wins in a season (~82% over Ascari’s 75% in 1952).

He would also have a good stab at beating the consecutive wins record of 7, set by Ascari & MS.

I’d say it’s early days to tell, but we’re already a good way through the season to know what cars are strong and what cars are not.

Is he going to do it?!


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One thought on “Jenson Button To Set New Record?!

  1. Straun

    Also the British national anthem has played on the podium every race this season, (Red Bull are registered as a British team) so is that not already a record? If not it might soon be, I wonder if the whole season could continue like that.

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